Why Circle?

Circle systems are built to be better.

Because we start where the others stop.

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We aren't Big ERP - and don't want to be.

Circle systems are built to be different ... and below, we take a whimsical look at the Circle difference !

From beginning to end, Circle's flagship order management / ERP software is built to work for your business. Our five core principals are:

Adaptability: As your company grows and changes, so does your system.

Speed: Lightning fast speed, for free.

Support: 24/7/365 support from a dedicated, US-based team.

Integrations: Easily integratable with any third-party system - all while remaining supportable and upgradeable.

Flexibility: Your Circle system will be specifically configured for your unique needs.


One of the hallmarks of Circle is our ability to adapt. No matter how your business grows in the future, your Circle system will be able to seamlessly adapt to grow with you.

It's not quite as easy as snapping your fingers - but it's close!

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Circle is fast .. really really fast. And right out of the box, every time. Our Big ERP friends have figured out how to fleece their customers increase their revenues by holding back speed, and making you pay more for the speed you need.

Guess that's why they are bigger ... but certainly not better!

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Calling support at Circle is just a call to your CoreTeam - you'll know them so well, it will be like an extension of your staff. No long waits to get a faceless, nameless Big ERP rep that can do little more than read from the documentation.

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Circle Commerce has extensive integrations, excellent tools to adapt those integrations, and is able to be as flexible as needed - something that Big ERP systems simply aren't able to do .. at a price you can afford.

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Once of the hallmarks of Circle is our flexibility. No matter what the requirement is, Circle can address it - because our system architecture was designed to be 100% flexible - not a monstrous collection of thousands and thousands of features you don't need.

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