Some software needs don’t fit into a vanilla industry package.

Circle can deliver unique solutions to fit ANY need.

Our AdapableObjects™ approach delivers remarkably flexible solutions to any software need.

One of a kind solutions for a one of a kind need.

Like our friend Mike Wazowski, who is surely one of a kind – Circle systems are fit to each customer’s specific “one of a kind” needs.

Don’t settle for a “packaged” solution

Think about it … a software “package” is designed to address a generic set of issues in an industry. Is your company “generic”? Do you do things the way everyone else does? Not likely, as competitive advantage depends on innovation – and your system must be constantly innovating to keep up with you.

Do the Top 100 use packages?

NO! They have massive IT budgets (because they can afford to), and so they build their own system – because having a system that fits their business is one of the competitive advantages they use to drive their business into the Top 100.

Circle can deliver “custom” systems to smaller firms

Building systems from scratch is not affordable (and too risky) for small to mid sized firms. Starting with a “core” process that supports our AdaptableObjects™ technology, Circle delivers systems that can uniquely fit any need, and do it affordably, while remaining fully upgradeable and supportable!

Packaged software is not enough.

If there was a simple, out-of-the-box solution for your business … you’d already have it.

Circle works with you to understand your specific need, and using our extensive library of application functions, along with our AdaptableObjects™ technology, we can readily structure a system that will drive your business forward.

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