Top 4 Omni-channel Business Trends for 2020

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Today’s consumer expects a seamless shopping experience from a single retailer, even if that retailer is active online, via catalog, and in person. Here are Circle Commerce’s top four omni-channel business trends for 2020. How does your business meet these changes?

1) In-store inventory search

Large omni-channel retailers such as the Gap and L.L.Bean allow customers to browse online and check inventory in their local store. If a customer can see that they can purchase the item they want at a store five minutes away, the chances of them making a purchase are increased. Integrating your inventory management system into your eCommerce in this way will encourage customers to engage with your business in both the online and brick-and-mortar spaces.

2) Adaptable OMS

With today’s customers equally comfortable shopping online as in-store – and sometimes doing both for one purchase – an adaptable order management system is no longer something to investigate in the future. Invest in the success of your omni-channel business by employing an OMS solution that you can customize to meet your business’ unique needs in inventory management, specialty shipping, payment processing, and more. Your customers want a seamless interaction with your business, and an integrated OMS is where that starts.

3) Greater delivery flexibility

Thanks to retailers like Amazon offering same-day shipping, and Everlane delivering orders in just one hour within select regions, customers are demanding more flexibility in their delivery options. Specialty shipping can be customized within an adaptable order management system, and there are numerous options available to you depending on customer location, order size, and order type.

4) Increased usage of beacons

Beacons – technology that lets companies communicate with customers’ devices – are becoming increasingly relevant to omni-channel merchants. For example, retailers can install beacon technology in their brick-and-mortar stores to send deals and notifications to a mobile device as the customer is browsing. Beacons can also deliver valuable data to retailers, such as the amount of time a customer spends in-store, and whether or not a purchase was made using the sale information sent.

How do your business’ current initiatives compare to these four omni-channel trends? Ask Circle Commerce how we can help your business adapt to these new innovations in the omni-channel marketplace today.

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