Circle delivers the speed you need.

Fastest order management software in the market ... by a mile or ten.

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Your system needs to respond instantly.

Every function, every module, every report.


NoSQL. And SQL. Have both!


Windows, Linux, Unix.


See above ... lots of 9's.

fastest order management - really fast.

Better performance, flexibility and ROI absolutely requires next-generation technology, and delivering the fastest order management drives those initiatives. The key technology is the database, which needs to be the best of both worlds – a blindingly fast database, but one that maintains the ability to be accessed using traditional SQL tools when it’s necessary to “play nice” with the old school kids.

All of the large, bloated, antiquated vendors in the ERP space use one of the large, bloated, antiquated SQL databases. They’re inflexible, slow, and require significant (read: expensive) resources just to administer them.


Whether your system of choice is Windows, Linux, or Unix, Circle runs equally well on any of the three. No need to change the type of hardware you or your organization prefer.

Tip: If you don't have a preference, Windows is the easiest to work with from an admin point of view, and is the choice of a majority of customers.


Circle's underlying platform is a NoSQL database that, working with today's extensive memory availabilty, delivers blindingly fast order management. The "working set" of data for virtually all of the system functions is in memory, making access to data instantaneous.

Compatibilty with "old school" SQL databases is available as needed so that Circle systems can interface well as needed.

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