Smart business tools require smart people to make them work.

You need omnichannel ERP experts dedicated to helping transform your business.

An approach that delivers the result on time, on budget, every time.

Solution Design
Understanding your business from all angles to help engineer the most efficient and personalized software configuration.

Our small team, single-source code approach assures upgrade-ready mods and additions that work.

Connecting all facets of your multi-channel world into one comprehensive and concise hub.

Failed launches are common in the big ERP world, but not in the Circle. We’re proud of a proven track record of timely, cost-effective implementation is what sets us apart.

CoreTeam™ Support

All support and ongoing development activities are conducted from Circle Commerce’s offices in Connecticut. We’ve chosen to never offshore any development or customer support, and we never will.

To deliver our services most effectively, we’ve developed a CoreTeam™ approach, in which teams of 5-6 people work directly with a specific group of customers throughout their entire process. The members of each CoreTeam™ know the specifics of each customer’s system, and they also know the customer’s staff, their business, their needs, and the direction their business (and system) are headed. CoreTeam™ essentially works as an extension to each customer’s own staff.

Whether it’s support, or development – when the phone rings, a member of the CoreTeam™ answers, and takes action. No queues, no messages, no front-line clerical person transcribing a message. Circle Commerce is small, stealth, and customer-focused, to the great benefit of our customers.

Ready to evaluate?

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