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The MOST flexible ERP for omni-channel retailers.

A better design in an eCommerce ERP leads to a better result.
The CircleHub eCommerce ERP was designed from its inception to be totally adaptable to any customer requirement. Our slogan says it all … Starting where the others stop.

While an order management system may claim to be “customized” – this usually means configuration of pre-conceived controls, or modules bolted on the outside of the system – and often this makes upgrades difficult or even impossible. What is the point of doing customizations on this type of system, as it can never by upgraded ???

The CircleHub order management system is designed to be 100% adaptable across any module or function. It is built on our AdaptableObjects™ process, which allows ANY function in the application to be added, modified, moved, removed, re-architected – whatever is needed to specifically fit the current need. And the system remains 100% upgradable and supportable.

order management system

Don’t change your business to fit an order management system.

Traditionally, companies have to change their business process to fit their software - unless they are big enough to build their own order management system from scratch! That's an expensive proposition (BUT .. it's what ALL of the most successful companies do!).

With a Circle order management system, adapting the system to each company’s specific needs is in our DNA – it’s what our AdaptableObjects™ technology is all about!

If you have requirements that the “Big ERP” vendors can’t address – there’s a better way – the Circle way. Starting where the others stop.

Concerned about upgrades and support?

Don’t be. Circle doesn’t outsource its development across an ocean, and doesn’t allow developers to build an unsupportable patchwork of code all built in different ways (as is done by almost every other vendor).

Due to the design and processes used in AdaptableObjects™, your order management system remains fully upgradable. Support (and further development) of all elements of your system can be done by anyone on your Core Team.

Don’t take our word for it – talk to Circle customers, who are delighted to explain how they have found the right solution to a system that has fit their needs year after year after year.

And … it’s a fast order management system. REALLY REALLY fast.

The CircleHub order management system was designed to take full advantage of the architecture of its database. Due to the dramatic advances in server technology, the entire system is running directly in memory, rather than from the mechanical (or SSD) drive. This means that access to individual records throughout the order management system is always instantaneous, and reporting functions are dramatically faster than in any competing environment .. and all without the need for an expensive DBA !! Check out our speed page to learn more! To find out more about our spectacular database environment, visit Rocket Software's site!

CircleHub is built for success.

Our approach delivers the result .. at initial install, and through the life of the system.

Solution Design
Understanding your business from all angles to help engineer the most efficient and personalized software configuration.

Our small team, single-source code approach assures upgrade-ready mods and additions that work for your order management system.

Connecting all facets of your multi-channel world into one comprehensive and concise hub.

Failed launches are common in the big ERP world, but not in the Circle. We’re proud of a proven track record of timely, cost-effective implementation is what sets us apart.

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