Circle plays well with others.

Extensive integration, both already in the Circle and readily added.

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Today's systems MUST have a wide array of integrations.

Which is why our Adaptable Objects™ technology has been extended to handle integrations of all types.

Shopping Channels

A true order management system ensures that you can sell on any, and every, channel.


Your website powers your business - so no matter your vendor, we're set up to power your website.


No matter how you collect payment, we can accept it.


No matter where your shipments need to go, we make sure you can get them there.


From data to marketing tools, we power your business in more ways than one.


We protect your business from any sort of fraudulent activity.


Circle ensures that your email marketing campaigns can be easily sent and seamlessly managed.

Other Systems

Tied to another software for a piece of your process? We'll integrate it into Circle.

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