Customer profiles

A view of some Circle success stories.


Modern Bathroom

System Replaced: QuickBooks

Modern Bathroom, of North Hollywood, CA, is an omni-channel retailer that sells both wholesale and retail, via eCommerce and in showrooms in Southern California. The company grew its business on QuickBooks, and realized that they needed to move to a proper EMS/order management software application to continue supporting their growth.

They narrowed their choices down to Circle Commerce and an ERP package from Sage. Circle Commerce demonstrated ability to hit specific targets by building items for Modern Bathroom during the sales process, and also loading a very large product file to demonstrate the remarkable speed of Circle Commerce Manager – Sage could not match either of those.

Auto Body Tool Mart

Primary Need: ERP
System Replaced: Dataman

Auto Body Tool Mart, of Elgin, IL, is a distributor/manufacturer of auto body tools and supplies. The company was using three disparate systems, not linked together, to run its business: an eCommerce system, an older order management system (Datamann), and a manufacturing package from Epicor.

The company selected Circle Commerce to provide a single unified ERP/order management software solution, fully integrated to their existing eCommerce platform – with an eye toward upgrading to a more robust solution for eCommerce in the future.

World Pantry

Primary Need: eCommerce, whose motto is “connecting lovers of great food with the people who make it”, provides a complete end to end merchandising and fulfillment solution to food producers in many categories. The company builds eCommerce platforms for each client using internal staff, and originally built an internal order management software package to address their needs. As the company grew, and more and more varied needs were discovered with new clients, it became apparent that a highly adaptable ERP/Order Management System would be needed to address the company’s wide ranging needs.

Herrington Catalog

Primary Need: Catalog
System Replaced: Ecometry/Escalate Retail

Herrington Catalog, a long time gift cataloger located in Manchester, NH, was running on an early version of the Ecometry/Escalate Retail suite. In 2012, three key executives within the company purchased it from the eponymous owner, and identified upgrading their systems as a key activity. They hired a leading industry consultant, and did an RFP to replace both their eCommerce front end, as well as the order management software.

Circle Commerce responded to the RFP and partnered with WebLinc (Philadelphia, PA) as the eCommerce provider, and after in depth demonstrations of the company’s capabilities, won the business in late 2013. The system was developed with many specific requirements addressed, and 20 years of data was brought over to the new system from the aging Ecometry environment, and went live in summer of 2014.


Primary Need: Omnichannel

C.C. Filson of Seattle, WA, the premier outdoor outfitter in the Pacific Northwest, was running an accounting system as their primary system, and attempting to interface it to various other systems, with many manual processes required. The company operates in four different channels: eCommerce, catalog, retail (POS), and wholesale.

Circle Commerce was put in place to address all of these needs, interfacing to the company’s new (and later, award-winning) website, handling the retail POS needs of the company’s growing network of stores, running the call center for catalog/phone orders, and operating the central warehouse that handles fulfillment for all of these channels.

“Our business has unique challenges due to the nature of the products we sell, and the type of shipping we need to do. We looked at a number of ERP packages, but Circle Commerce was clearly superior in speed and flexibility, but yet at a lower price! Our productivity improvements are off the charts due to our ability to fit the system to our specific business.”Jon Kishina, VP, Modern Bathroom

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