Core Team Approach

Dedicated support teams, who know you and your business. Personally. That's what a core team is all about.


Smart systems require smart people.

You need order management experts dedicated to helping transform your business .. and they are on your core team.

What's a CoreTeam™? It's a team of Circle Commerce engineers with a range of skill sets, dedicated to working directly with you throughout your entire Circle Commerce process (from implementation to ongoing support). But CoreTeams™ are about more than just the people - it's an approach that defines the entire way that we do business. Because as our motto says - we start where the others stop.

The best part? Anytime you call, email, or access the Circle Customer Portal, a member of your CoreTeam™ will answer immediately - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Personalized Teams, Created for you.

To deliver our services most effectively, we’ve developed a CoreTeam™ approach, in which teams of 5-6 people work directly with a specific group of customers throughout their entire process. The members of each CoreTeam™ know the specifics of each customer’s system, and they also know the customer’s staff, their business, their needs, and the direction their business (and system) are headed. CoreTeam™ essentially works as an extension to each customer’s own staff.

Always available, whenever you need us.

Whether it’s support, or development – when the phone rings, a member of your CoreTeam™ answers, and takes action. No queues, no messages, no front-line clerical person transcribing a message. This approach provides support from a team you know, that is always available.

All support and ongoing development activities are coordinated from Circle Commerce’s offices in the continental US. We've chosen to never offshore any development or customer support, and we never will.

Reliable, on-time delivery. Every time.

The CoreTeam™ approach delivers the result on time, on budget, every time. Your team is with you from day one - learning the intricacies of your business, implementing it working closely with your team, and the continuing to adapt it to address your future needs.

Thanks to this close relationship and their detailed knowledge of your business, your CoreTeam™ will ensure that your system is delivered on time, on budget, and on scope - always.

You know them ... and they know you.

Your CoreTeam™ acts like an extension of your company … not a impersonal group that doesn't know your business.

When you have the unmatched ability that Circle delivers to fit your system to your business, you need a support team that knows your business, your staff, and your needs. The CoreTeam™ approach was designed to deliver exactly that, so that you know them, and they know you.

Oustanding support depends on three critical factors:
1. Choosing order management software that can be adapted to fit your specific needs
2. Having access to a team that works together with you and your system
3. Having confidence that your team is available, understands your business, and can deliver on your needs.

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