A uniquely adaptable ERP solution
for the publishing industry.

Highly adaptable ERP that supports publishers
… AND is fully integrated with a leading services firm.

A better design leads to a better result.

CircleHub was designed from its inception to be totally adaptable to any customer requirement. Our slogan says it all … Starting where the others stop.

While many OMS/ERP systems claim they can be “customized” – this means configuration of pre-conceived controls, or modules bolted on the outside of the system – and often this makes upgrades difficult or even impossible.

CircleHub was design from the inception to be 100% adaptable across the application. It is built on our AdaptableObjects™ process, which allows ANY function in the application to be added, modified, moved, removed, re-architected – whatever is needed to specifically fit the current need. And the system remains 100% upgradable and supportable.

Reduce redundancies and inefficient processes to increase profitability.

While most systems automate redundant tasks, this does not address the specific needs of each organization that has its own structure and specific needs and processes. For typical “bloatware” ERP packages, unless the task is baked in, there is no ready way to add this to the system. Because CircleHub has a 100% adaptable architecture, all tasks that an organization requires to be run can be fully addressed, so that the unique (and complete) set of tasks for each organization are done by the system where possible.

Make data-driven decisions.

Accurate, reliable, actionable data – when a system is not fully designed and fit to an organization’s complete need, the data in various areas of the company’s overall system architecture may be out of data, not aligned, and/or not readily available. CircleHub is structured for each client to their specific data needs, so that a single view of all data in the organization can be achieved.

Having a complete view of all organizational data empowers analytics tools to be able to work with a complete set of information, identifying both revenue opportunities and cost savings, and delivering outstanding ROI for your Circle investment.

Use lightning fast sorting and reporting functions to test, react, pivot and plan more quickly.

CircleHub was designed to take full advantage of the architecture of its database, and due to the dramatic advances in server technology, the entire system is running directly in memory, rather than from the mechanical (or SSD) drive. This means that access to individual records is always instantaneous, and reporting functions are dramatically faster than in any competing environment.

Packaged software is not enough.

If there was a simple, out-of-the-box solution…
you’d already have it.

Omnichannel business is complex, and the solutions and services needed to make it work must match that sophistication.

Success depends on three critical factors:

  • Choosing an OMS/ERP software suite that can be adapted to fit your specific needs
  • Design, configuration and implementation of your system – not generic one-size-fits-all suites
  • Leveraging a complete and accurate set of data to deliver outstanding ROI


CircleHub is an infinitely adaptable OMS/ERP that manages every function of your business … running your way … adapted to meet your specific needs. You don’t fit your business to the software (why would you?) … you fit your software to the business. Like the Top 100 do. The ones that are winning.

Unlike older “bloatware” ERP suites, designed in the 1990s and 2000s (and then built bigger and bigger to have a massive array of features that most users don’t need), our precisely configured application provides premium value and unparalleled return on investment.

Our “better mousetrap” software design delivers a system fit to each organization’s specific needs – starting with a complete, powerful, and lean OMS/ERP system, CircleHub is then appropriately adapted to fit your needs like a glove .. because it was designed to be 100% adaptable.

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Configuration and Implementation

Application design, development, custom modifications, complete integration with your business systems, and ongoing support are all performed by the same tight, highly-focused CoreTeam™.

No call centers or overseas customer service – your CoreTeam™ acts as an extension of your organization. You know them, they know you and your business – and they answer the phone when you call.

Try getting that from your Big ERP vendor.

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Return on Investment

Circle Commerce offers a software model model and set monthly support fees with upgrades included so there are no surprises. Our next generation technology reduces the need for IT staff, and tailoring the system to precisely fit each customer can eliminate personnel redundancies.

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