Starting where the others stop.™

What this catchy slogan means … is that all other ERP packages are designed to run a certain way – for ALL customers!!

CircleHub is the ONLY 100% customizable ERP – Circle starts working with you on YOUR system where the others stop – with a standard package.

Order Intake

  • Ecommerce
  • Catalog/Phone center
  • POS
  • 3rd Party Channels

Order Management

  • Shipping
  • Payment Processing
  • Sales Tax
  • Returns
  • 3rd Party Channels

Core Business Operations

  • Accounting
  • CRM
  • Products/PIM
  • Warehouse & Inventory Management
  • Forecasting and Purchasing


  • Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Email

The benefits of a truly integrated system.

Single order file

Orders from all channels reside in a single consolidated order file.

Multiple ship-to's

A single sales order can have unlimited numbers of ship-to’s.

Real-time commits

During order entry, the product is committed to the order real-time.

Product lookup

Find products and related information quickly from the sales order.

Customer search

Powerful search capability allows rapid access to customer records.


Multi-company / facility / warehouses are fully supported.

Ship methods

Easily change the default ship method per shipment on the order.


Use of promotions is fully integrated into the order process.

Connections and Integrations

Shopping Channels

Amazon FBM

The classic Amazon Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM), shipments are done from your warehouse.

Amazon FBA

Fufillment By Amazon (FBA), in which Amazon directs what Amazon locations should receive product, and shipments are done by Amazon.

Amazon Vendor Central

Vendors with access to this program use EDI integration to accept orders from Amazon and ship products to Amazon for sale.


Post products and pull orders for shipment from your warehouse.


Integration with Walmart being added to CircleHub.


Import orders for Sears for shipment from your warehouse.

Custom integration

Handle orders from virtually any channel with custom integrations, such as Linens N Things.


ROC Commerce


Big Commerce


Integration originally done for three divisions of our largest customer, Distinctive Apparel, expanded to five divisions due to acquisition in 2017. Circle provides product/PIM support and full order integration.


Integration done for product/PIM and inventory upload and order download.


A less expensive system, but very functional, aspdotnetstorefront orders can be downloaded into CCM for processing.


This integration for pulling orders from BvCommerce is being considered for 2017.


Circle has done a number of custom integrations with inhouse systems, using our existing SOAP or REST based APIs.



Full integration with both domestic and international, supporting ground and express.


Full integration for domestic support of all ground and express services.

Endicia / USPS

Supporting all USPS shipping methods, and address verification.


Ontrac supported on the West Coast, others under consideration.

Payment Processors


The classic Paymentech integration to the Salem platform using the 120 byte spec over VPN.

Paymentech Orbital Gateway

Access to a separate Paymentech system via the Web, no hardware required.


Deep integration with Vantiv (formerly Litle), offering additional Vantiv products.

The classic online authorization tool, often used with ecommerce platforms.


Formerly Nova in another life, now using the Converge gateway.


New implementation in 2017 to support UK customers.


Supports POS environments for secure debit card support.

Paymentech EMV

EMV support for card present environments.



Customers using InfoGroup can have customer data merged with overlays of demographics and get NCOA updates, and access prospects files from lists rented from other sources. Segmentation for catalog mailings is also available.


Customers using Datamann can have customer data merged with overlays of demographics and get NCOA updates, and access prospects files from lists rented from other sources. Segmentation for catalog mailings is also available.

Custom interfaces

Leveraging the tools already present for other marketing services, Circle Commerce can readily interface to any marketing service desired.




An interface to Kount is being bulit for delivery in late 2017.

Additional fraud options

Additional fraud interfaces are being considered, and can be integrated readily.


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