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Adaptable Objects™

One of a kind solutions for a one of a kind need.

Adaptable Objects

Adaptable Objects™ means full flexibility.

Because some software needs don't fit into a standard package.

Adaptable Objects™ is our technology service that gives Circle Commerce software complete flexibility - meaning that we can make our system fit ANY business need. The role of Adaptable Objects™ is to build upon CircleHub's core technology stack, allowing for robust and seamless customizations that fully maintain the integrity of the system.

And Adaptable Objects™ is not simply software – it’s an entire tech ecosystem that allows Circle Commerce software to be fit to the specific and unique needs of every customer where needed – yet remaining completely supportable and upgradable.

Don’t settle for a “packaged” solution.

Think about it … a software “package” is designed to address a generic set of issues in an industry. Is your company “generic”? Do you do things the way everyone else does? Not likely, as competitive advantage depends on innovation – and your system must be constantly innovating to keep up with you.

Through the use of Adaptable Objects™, Circle can completely customize your system to match your exact business needs. We work with you to understand your specific need and then using our extensive library of application functions, along with our AdaptableObjects™ technology, can readily structure a system that will drive your business forward.

Do the Top 100 use packages?

No. They have massive IT budgets (because they can afford to), so they build their own system – because having a system that fits their business is one of the competitive advantages they use to drive their business into the Top 100.

The best of the best use customized systems, so your business should do the same - and thanks to Adaptable Objects™ technology, Circle can provide that (at an affordable, non-Top 100 rate!)

Circle can deliver “custom” systems to smaller firms.

Building systems from scratch is not affordable (and too risky) for small to mid sized firms. Starting with a “core” process that supports our AdaptableObjects™ technology, Circle delivers systems that can uniquely fit any need, and do it affordably, while remaining fully upgradeable and supportable!

Packaged software is not enough.

If there was a simple, out-of-the-box solution … you’d already have it.

Omni-channel business is complex, and the solutions and services needed to make it work must match that sophistication .. and need to fit your business.

Success depends on three critical factors:
1. Choosing a software suite that can be adapted to fit your specific needs
2. Design, configuration and implementation of your system – not generic one-size-fits-all suites
3. Delivering the data from that system – the data you want and need for your specific business – with remarkable speed !!

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