A better approach delivers better results - which makes your business better. Isn't that what you want out of your order management system?
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Order Management System that fits your business - specifically!

Order management system

Explore what makes Circle's OMS the better choice in an order management system.

Software + Services + Support = The OMS you need.

The Software

Omnichannel Order Management
CircleHub is our infinitely adaptable order management system, designed specifically for omnichannel sellers.
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The Services

Adaptable Objects™

Why settle for a generic packaged order management system ... when you can have an OMS that's adapted to fit your unique business needs.

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The Support

Core Team™ Approach

A total OMS deliverable MUST include outstanding support .. where your dedicated, US based team knows you and your business.

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An order management system, or OMS, needs many different features and functions to be successful and help drive your business forward. Of course, every vendor proclaims that their OMS has everything you need to reach that success - but that would mean they already knew how your business worked when they started!

Circle takes a very different approach - and as such, delivers very different results from any other OMS. Our high performance "core" software supports the creation of an OMS with ANY amount of required customization - yet it remains fully upgradeable and supportable, which no other system can do.

How is that possible? It's because of our system design - and not just the software, but the entire ecosystem in Circle that makes our process work. All functionality in any Circle system is built using a very carefully crafted approach using best practice standards, and our team adheres to that approach. This results in customized portions of a Circle system having EXACTLY the same style and structure as any standard part of our deliverable.

One of the hallmarks of Circle is our ability to adapt. No matter how your business grows in the future, your Circle system will be able to seamlessly adapt to grow with you.

It's not quite as easy as snapping your fingers - but it's close!


Circle is fast .. really really fast. And right out of the box, every time. Our Big ERP friends have figured out how to fleece their customers increase their revenues by holding back speed, and making you pay more for the speed you need.

Guess that's why they are bigger ... but certainly not better!


This makes our support very straightorward, and NOT dependent on any person, as all portions of the system are built in exactly the same way.