Are you running DATAMANN or Ecometry/Escalate Retail/Red Prairie?

Circle Commerce has already converted one Ecometry customer, and is in the process of doing two more. Having experience with the Ecometry dataset is key to being able to move to a new system efficiently.

We are also currently completing a DATAMANN conversion, and have additional prospects working with us that also need to replace DATAMANN.

Contact us, and find out why Circle Commerce is becoming the market leader in Order Management Software .. not only for DATAMANN and Ecometry refugees - but for any customer that needs the best price/performance package in the market. 

Check out our site, and our full (and fully customizable) Order Management System .....and you'll find out why ... It's smarter in the Circle!


Order Management Software

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But wait ... does it manage more than just orders?

Glad you asked! It seems that the market is filled with various software products bearing certain labels - Order Management Software, CRM, ERP, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Order Management Systems ... the list goes on. Circle Commerce Manager, our Order Management System, does far more than just manage orders!! In order (pun intended) to fully manage orders ... there are a myriad of other areas that support the total processing of an order that must be managed as well!

In today's multi-channel world, orders can emanate from a wide variety of channels - eCommerce, Amazon, eBay, and a host of smaller shopping channels such as Sears, Rakuten, and others. These orders must be appropriately managed, along with orders that are entered directly into Circle Commerce Manager, either from a call center, or a retail presence. Each of these different orders are then appropriately verified, filtered, and queued for additional action if needed, and eventually become ready for shipping. Watch our video below ... then head down "below the fold" to find out more about the rest of the management that's required in a total system! 

So what else gets "managed"?

The objective of Circle Commerce Manager is to manage every aspect of the product and data flow necessary to full process orders - that's why it's called Order Management Software! The system provides support for a wide variety of functions - full call center/ customer service/ CRM support, forecasting and purchasing, product information management (PIM, interfaced to the channels), inventory management, warehouse management, a full accounting suite that is 100% integrated, extensive web services to handle a variety of interfaces - the list goes on.

So, our Order Management Software does far more than "just" manage orders - it's the information hub that drives your business .. and .. the cherry on top of the sundae is the Circle Commerce Manager is the only package in the industry that can be readily adapted to any every specific need - the things that set your company apart from the competition! Shoot us an email, fill out or contact form, or call our 800 number - we'd love to show you the best price/performance package in the industry, hands down.

Videoconferencing being implemented

Circle Commerce is implementing the Lifesize Cloud infrastructure ( to improve our ability to work with customers more effectively both during the implementation of new systems, as well as in our Software Consulting practice on an ongoing basis. The Lifesize product line delivers affordable HD video conferencing with excellent integration to presentation tools, and multiple view/window alternatives,  and using current technology to minimize bandwidth requirements on internal networks. Although we'll miss the glamour and luxury of business travel ... our customers appreciate not paying travel expenses!

Upcoming shows

IRCE - June 2015 - Once again, Circle Commerce has the largest booth of any Order Management Software provider at the upcoming IRCE show in Chicago. We will be rolling out our new cloud-based deliverable at this year's show - stop by to see us at booth 1555!

Operations Summit - April 2015 - Circle Commerce will be making its fourth trip to the ever-growing Operations Summit, this year held in Louisville, KY.

Technology note

Release 2.00 of Circle Commerce Manager will include the company's new .NET client, which utilizes the stunning array of tools from DevExpress, the premier .NET tools provider, and will be available in the first half of 2015.
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