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Are you running DATAMANN or Ecometry/Escalate Retail/Red Prairie?

Circle Commerce has already converted one Ecometry customer, and is in the process of doing two more. Having experience with the Ecometry dataset is key to being able to move to a new system efficiently.

We are also currently completing a DATAMANN conversion, and have additional prospects working with us that also need to replace DATAMANN.

Contact us, and find out why Circle Commerce is becoming the market leader in Order Management Software .. not only for DATAMANN and Ecometry refugees - but for any customer that needs the best price/performance package in the market. 

Check out our site, and our full (and fully customizable) Order Management System .....and you'll find out why ... It's smarter in the Circle!


Order Management Software

You CAN have it all!

Circle Commerce Manager has EVERY module and component that you need in your Order Management System, including a direct interface to all shipping carriers, eliminating the need for a manifest system!

And what else ... WMS? Check! Accounting? A core part of the system, fully integrated, of course. Inventory forecasting system, fully configurable to align with your favorite methods? Yes! Learn more ...


The inclusion of multiple dashboards in Circle Commerce Manager provides the opportunity for various functions and processes throughout the system to be viewed graphically. This is fairly standard in current Order Management Software ... but once again, this is where Circle Commerce starts, and our competitors stop.

Like all other aspects of CCM, our dashboards are fully customizable. We can add new ones, change existing ones, add or subtract components - total flexibility, so that each individual dashboard user gets the specific view that is most effective for their needs.

Order Management System Dashboard
Circle Commerce

Is your OMS a square peg?

Most Order Management Software is designed to run a certain way, and unless the software designer happens to work at your company, the square peg probably doesn't fit the round hole.

Circle Commerce solves this problem in two ways. First, we have the broadest offering in the Order Management Software market; and second, we have the only solution that can be readily (and upgradably and supportably, if those are words) customized to fit your needs.

Highly evolved technology

Circle Commerce products are based on technology and business practices that have evolved over two decades. The continual refinement of the process, and continual introduction of current technology, has resulted in a business/technology "ecosystem" that surpasses any other offering on the market.

Our Order Management System's software design is elegantly simple in nature, yet delivers more breadth of function, speed, and flexibility than any competitive offering, leveraging the best of today's technology. Learn more ...

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Do you know your vendor?

If you have a lower end system where the vendor barely answers the phone ... or perhaps you're one of the tens of thousands of users of the "big" systems, where you're just a number (if you're anything at all) ... then you don't know your vendor, and the service you get is likely to be less than ideal.

At Circle Commerce, you are assigned to one of our "teams", and you work with that team from the initial planning meeting for your Order Management Software installation all the way through to years and years of support (hopefully never-ending!). Your team answers the phone when you call. Your team helps you off hours when you need it. You know their names. They are, in essence, a part of your company's IT process.

That's the way it should be ... and that's why it's smarter in the Circle.


Auto Body Toolmart - this longtime DATAMANN user (www.autobodytoolmart.com) needed to find a system that could unify their Order Management, Accounting, and LIght Manufacturing needs into one system - and handle their unique distribution requirements working with key suppliers for next day restocking and drop shipping.

Online Stores - this six title/webstore direct marketer (www.onlinestores.com)  is coming out of the "Stone Age", and needed a solution that their IT team could use to continue the extensive development they have done to drive the business forward, and to fully integrate with their newly installed Magento platform.

Herrington Catalog - this long time cataloger (www.herringtoncatalog.com) needed a solution to replace their 25 year old backend system, along with an eCommerce platform that could help drive new business. Circle Commerce has delivered a totally integrated solution that allows all product and image control for their website to be done within Circle Commerce, simplifying their process substantially.


Circle Commerce, Inc. has recently received the FitForCommerce Verification seal for its Circle Commerce Manager (CCM) product.  Circle Commerce Manager is best-in-class Order Management Software (OMS) designed for multichannel businesses that sell products through web sites, catalogs, B to B, or in retail stores.

fit for commerce verified

FitForCommerce Verification or “FFC Verified” is a structured evaluation process by which a certified analyst reviews claims and proof points for pre-defined features and capabilities important to an eCommerce website and business.  FFC Verification is a recognized industry standard evaluation method.

Videoconferencing being implemented

Circle Commerce is implementing the Lifesize Cloud infrastructure (www.lifesize.com) to improve our ability to work with customers more effectively both during the implementation of new systems, as well as in our Software Consulting practice on an ongoing basis. The Lifesize product line delivers affordable HD video conferencing with excellent integration to presentation tools, and multiple view/window alternatives,  and using current technology to minimize bandwidth requirements on internal networks. Although we'll miss the glamour and luxury of business travel ... our customers appreciate not paying travel expenses!

Upcoming shows

Operations Summit - April 2015 - Circle Commerce will be making its fourth trip to the ever-growing Operations Summit, this year held in Louisville, KY.

IRCE - June 2015 - Once again, Circle Commerce has the largest booth of any Order Management Software provider at the upcoming IRCE show in Chicago. We're still working on this year's giveaway at the booth - we pride ourselves in having the most creative items - stay tuned for details!

Technology note

Release 2.00 of Circle Commerce Manager will include the company's new .NET client, which utilizes the stunning array of tools from DevExpress, the premier .NET tools provider, and will be available in the first half of 2015.
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